Northern Nomads was born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska by a couple of locals. We love the outdoors and exploring. Inspired by our own travels, we wanted to create a business that would simplify the travelling experience here. Alaska is a big state with a lot to offer, but in order to access a lot of these areas you may need to drive a long ways. Instead of getting an expensive rental car and then looking for expensive accommodations, we offer vehicles that incorporate both on a budget.

Our rides are stylish, small, and fuel efficient, giving you the feel of a rental car rather than a big bulky motor home. 

They are set up with a simple camping style layout. This allows you to travel the state with steeze (style and ease), spending less time worrying about where you're going to stay and more time exploring.

We offer vehicles that accommodate 2-4 passengers. They all come with comfortable sleeping areas, propane burning stoves, kitchen utensils, dishes, a guidebook, and room for all the gear you bring for an adventure. 

Alaska is lush with breathtaking views, landscapes, and tons of wildlife. However this is ALASKA, so bring appropriate gear and a good Camera and start making memories!

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8701 Runamuck Pl. 

Anchorage AK. 99502

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